Polylab was born out of the frustrations of FDM printing. We innovate new technologies that reduce plastic waste and the cost for 3D printing.

What we do



 We are currently developing our pellet extruder – a simple add-on for common Cartesian 3D printers, allowing you to print directly from recycled and virgin plastics, providing environmental and cost savings.

3D Printing Materials

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You can support us and our dream of a more sustainable 3D printing industry by purchasing your next 3D printer filament from us.

Recycled 3D Printing

Recycled 3D printing. Waste plastic for 3D printing. polylab, filament

We believe 3D printing is a great engineering tool that can be used in a sustainable way!

Taking failed prints like this one, recycling and reprinting. 

Archi Beta - Test Print

Archi printing a  Prusa Buddy out of ABS pellets with ease. 


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