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Our Mission


We have a waste problem!


Failed prints, support material and unused prints are contributing to the unnecessary consumption of plastics derived from our limited source of polluting petrochemicals.  These plastics will end up in our waterways, landfill and fragile ecosystems, resulting in detrimental consequences. By using recycled 3D printing systems we can lower the need for making more virgin 3D printing materials.

Current 3d printing life cycle

Current 3D printing life-cycle

The life-cycle of a current print is pretty simple; Buy filament, print your part, keep or throw away. This current process is wasting 3D printing materials, that could be used for recycled 3D printing. But not to worry, there is a better way of doing things…  

Closed loop 3D printing life cycle.

We have the solution!

At PolyLab we have decided that plastic is a problem and we want to provide our customers with an easy solution.

 By purchasing your next roll of filament from us you are helping us reduced the amount of plastics going into landfill. Helping us build the recycled 3D printing community.

By purchasing are Eco Pellet Extruder, recycled plastics can be printed from a granulated form, reducing the energy required to go from wasted to new 3D print.

Help us reduce the amount of virgin 3D printing materials.