Eco Pellet Extruder (EPE)

Ditch the filament with Polylab-EPE!

At PolyLab, we supply the most advanced and environmentally friendly 3D printing solutions to improve your 3D printing experience. With years of experience in additive manufacturing, we have discovered major holes in the technology, so we decided to redesign it completely; our novel extruder attachment will allow you to create your models directly from recycled granulated plastics, as well as virgin pellets eliminating the need for costly and annoying filament.  

Our development has been directed at a bespoke extruder attachment for your 3D printer. It will allow you to utilize your waste and otherwise discarded plastic prints in your next print.  

Our research and development has resulted in a pellet extruder device that with a simple adapter plate, can be attached to your 3D printer with ease!

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Eco Pellet Extruder Proto V3

Check out this video of our extruder doing it's thing!